Map Editor
The Map Editor allows the viewing and modification of the map as well as the actors and objects within it. The map screen consists of a map display and a speedbar containing a set of basic options. These include:

Within the map, selections can be draged-and-dropped to new locations. In addition, new objects, ground tiles, or chunks can be dragged from their windows directly onto the map to change it. Selecting entries on the map follows the standard selection methodology - selecting an option automatically deselects any previous object, unless the Ctrl key is held down whilst making the new selection. The shift key can also be used to select a range of entries from the last selected position to the new position.

Likewise, the map editor also provides the standard Edit menu functionality for copying, cutting, and pasting selections. Some following special conditions apply:

On a final note, when in object selection mode, double-clicking on an object has an effect dependant on what kind of object it is. The following objects are treated specially: All other types will simply display the properties for the object. Some object types have a custom properties dialog with extra information. An example is books, which have an extra field showing the contents which are displayed when it is looked at.

When viewing a map, there will be a Tools menu with two options - Goto co-ordinates, and Search. The first allows you to jump directly to a specified co-ordinate on the given map, either in terms of tiles or chunks. The Search menu allows you to search for Tiles, Chunks, Objects, or Actors with a given characteristic.